Watch tutorials. Download premade templates.

Build a Website with SwiftlyUI FREE Elementor Templates. Watch tutorials on how these templates were built.

Learn how these templates are made

Export premade templates in 3 simple steps

Step 01

Download template's json file

Choose a template then click Preview to preview the template. Click Download Template to download the template’s compressed¬†JSON file.

Step 02

Get ready to import the template

Create a new page then click Edit with Elementor or open the page where you want to export or add the template.

Step 03

Import template to your library

Click Add Template icon, then select the My Templates tab. From the My Templates tab, click on the Import Template icon. Now drag and drop the Compressed JSON File. The template will now be added to your Template Library. 

Lastly, click Insert to add the template to your page.

Template Imported


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